When our partners win we all win. We connect the dots thoughtfully and methodically to set our brands for a success.

Strategy Strategy


Let’s boost! We’ll help you secure distribution, develop pricing, and together we’ll navigate every channel and path to market.

Sales Sales


More than one hundred years of expertise to take care of your brand in all its areas: product, packaging, price, place, pr and promotions. Your brand will become a native brand.

marketing marketing


We bring multilocal fresh ideas to your fresh Brand. From Packaging design to impactfull campaigns, PR and POS executions.

creative creative


We don’t just read the news. We make the news. Together with our network od Media experts and Agency partners we craft stories and experiences that ignite brands.

pr pr

Digital +

Winning in today’s Marketplace starts with dominating online. From D2C to Amazon, we’ll show you how to catch the wave and ride it, one click at a time.

digital + Ecomm digital + Ecomm


We ensure the best in class quality service at very optimal cost. We are very flexible in our way of working to adapt to your needs. Ambient, chilled, frozen… We have agreements with the best logistics partners to offer the best option for you.

distribution distribution


We have done it before. We know how to grow Brands, from the POS to the consumer. We take care of everything in this journey. We can adapt our model to your requirements. We are here to make things happen for you.

operations operations


We are commited to establish your brand in the appropiate countries and channel. We know that, once you become big, you will leave us. And we will celebrate together because your success is our priority.

exit-strategies exit-strategies


Preparation is the key to success. In Chef Sam, our Market Intelligence service develop the appropriate surveys to guarantee success since the beginning.

Follow our Chef Sam Trends Report on this web page!

exit-strategies exit-strategies
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